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The websites are intend to inform professional and unprofessional public with new possibilities of detection of organism health state. Particularly, the evaluation of load of the organism and functionality of autonomic nervous system for securing homeostasis, what means securing stabilized inner environment within normal limits, as well as homeodynamics, what means capability to secure reaction and adaptation to the stress (load) of any origin. Adaptation of the organism is the fundamental condition of life and health. Unfortunately, the adaptation capabilities, this exceptional attribute of all living organisms (incl. a man), is left out of consideration in modern medicine, notwithstanding that it plays very important role in maintenance and conservation of the health. Therefore, most probably, the adaptation capability in the definition of health issued by WHO.

Attendance is dedicated to the possibilities of management and restoration (partial or full) of autonomic nervous system regulatory capabilities could improve efficiency of autonomic regulation and health condition of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes 2, degenerative processes of joints and spine, Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases, glaucoma, catarrhact etc. – so, the diseases joined to the aging process. Possibilities of so called prenosological diagnostics shows very encouraging fact concerning states of the organism before some pathological symptoms are detectable.

Methodology of autonomic nervous system detection and possibilities of influence the efficacy of regulatory mechanisms are discussed and described. All the materials are worked out on basis of my long dated cooperation with Prof. Dr. R.M. Baevsky and Prof. Dr. A.P. Berseneva from Institute for Bio-Medical Problems of Academy of Sciences of Russian Federation. This institute is concerned with problems of health care of space pilots to make them ready to adapt them to extreme stress conditions, esp. During longtime space flights. The web sides are the result of application of space medicine research in the practical „ground“ medicine.

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