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Fundamental condition of every living organism is its integrity and stability of its internal environment. In order to secure this fundamental condition, the organism is endowed with systems, which permanently control the stability of internal environment and regulate every deviations and steady-state errors. It means that the system should permanently, every moment, collect data information about important parameters of internal environment, process them, and then secure regulating measures to reach the stability over and over. More, there is necessity to collect information from outer environment, to process and analyze them, and to react. It represents to collect permanently thousands of data information, to process them immediately and to take measures to reach permanent integrity and stability. The principle, how the system acts, is the same as other systems: sensors pick-up data, the data are transported to the processing center, and then the central unit takes regulation measures, which are transferred to the effectors. However, biological systems are much more complicated. Firstly, most of functioning parts of system are doubled. Secondly, the system is arranged hierarchically from lowest level (molecular, intracellular level) to higher and higher levels (cellular and intercellular communication, level of tissues, organs) up to the highest central levels. This organization is absolutely necessary due to the fact that the system is securing the most important functions of living organisms and every error could cause life-threatening condition. Every level comprises own regulating tools and there is the statute validity: every higher level is activated when lower level is not sufficient to regulate the error and, at once, the lower level is switched off or follows instructions (orders) from higher level. In sense of systemic point of view, the body is a complex integrated information and regulatory system comprising subsystems, which cooperate and interact on different levels permanently, every life moment. The stability is not a stable state but it is a dynamic process of many different biochemical reactions. The integrity is secured with healing, regenerating, and reparatory (of damaged structures) processes. The system acts on pre-programmed functions and functions learned within the course of life.
The goal is to reach permanent stable balance of inner environment – dynamic homeostasis as a principle condition of life and health.