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Principles of Mitochondrial Medicine | Mudr. Kučera
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Mitochondrial medicine has developed (within last thirty years) on the basis of living cells energy creation knowledges, recognizing intracellular biochemical reactions, knowledges of cell membrane functions, functions of cell membrane receptors, role of free radicals (better : ROS=reactive oxygen species) in physiological and pathological processes, together with enormous development of knowledges of role of Coenzyme Q-10 (Ubichinone, Ubiquinone), as well as role of some vitamines, trace elements and minerals in all the above described cell functions and biochemical reactions, physiological and pathological, esp. in the field of securing the cell energetic levels and protection against cell (and its structures) damage caused by increased occurrence of ROS (i.e. environmental pollution, enormous mental and physical load, aging, influence of some medicaments and medical methods etc.), and lack of ROS scavengers. The aim of mitochondrial medicine is to keep, restore (or at least partially restore) cell functions (and functions of its structures and organelles), its viability, in sense of prevention and as an additional method to conventional medicine; here as a means lowering side effects of some medicaments and medical methods (cancer and cardiovascular diseases etc.), and as means increasing effects of some medicaments and medical methods (betablockers, antidiabetics, vaccination etc.), also with possibility to decrease of dosages of these medicaments and so to reduce their side effects.
Mitochondrial medicine, in any mean, does not replace (and cannot replace) therapeutic methods of modern conventional medicine, but significantly can increase effectiveness of conventional medicine. Non- irrelevant fact is direct therapeutic effect of means of mitochondrial medicine, esp. effect of Coenzyme Q-10. Many medical studies and two international congresses on themes of Coenzyme Q-10 (and other mitochondrial medicine means) approved successful use of these means by different chronic diseases of metabolism (diabetes both types and diabetic complications, obesity, atherosclerosis), muscular and neurological (Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s dis., multiple sclerosis, muscle dystrophies etc.), cardiovascular diseases (esp. coronary heart disease, hypertension, cardiomyopathies etc.), chronic degenerative and inflammatory joints and spinal diseases (osteoarthritis, osteochondropathies, spondyloses), malignant diseases (important reduction of side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, acceleration of regeneration of the white and red blood cells etc.), immune system diseases (allergies, asthma etc.), dental diseases as parodontosis and many others.
The very positive effect was approved in sport medicine esp. in acceleration and improve the quality of regeneration processes after heavy training load and during sport competitions; in addition to that, the means of mitochondrial medicine are not listed as restricted doping means. Significant effect is in the field of stress management and management of stress situations, where means of mitochondrial medicine provide all processes of stress management and support development of stress reserves in systems responsible to manage the stress situations(mental and physical) – the autonomous vegetative nervous system, hypothalamo-pituitary-suprarenal system, subcortical sympathetic centers and central nervous system, what is important by workers with very high responsibility, operators of complicated systems, and workers with high intellectual demand (aircraft pilots, speed-train pilots, flying navigators, bank managers etc.).